Enrica Quaglio
HR Consultant,
Trainer & Coach

Enrica Quaglio HR Consultant, Trainer & Coach

An HR is a “company shaker”, a “people teamer” and a “culture builder”.

I’m an HR.
Doesn’t matter if business partner, director or consultant: I’m an HR. Proud to be an HR, and happy to work for people and with people.

I’m a lucky girl! Music, basketball and rugby made me the sensitive and determined person I am. Strong enough to swim against the tide.


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Business Consultancy

“HR startupper”, strongly committed to igniting the spark and building HR departments for small, medium or large companies.

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Coaching and Team Coaching paths are the best way to obtain individual or team goals. Try it to believe it!

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1st – understand people and company needs
2nd – define structured training paths
3rd – training provision
4th – training evaluation
That’s what I can do for you and your Company.

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Team Building

Rugby and cooking are wonderful ways to compare the playing field and kitchen to a company structure. Experiential training is an engaging way to reason about the typical mistakes we make every day with our colleagues, or when managing new or tough situations.
Let’s move together!


First you give and then you can ask.
Believe in people, insights and numbers.
Yes, this order applies to engineers as well!
Quality before quantity: always!

“Il rugby è una voce del verbo dare: ad ogni partita, ad ogni allenamento, dai qualcosa di te. Prima o poi qualcosa ti torna indietro.” 

[“Rugby is a voice of the verb “to give”: at every match, at every training session, you give something of yourself. Sooner or later something comes back to you.”]

Marco Pastonesi

"Selezionatrice delle cose serie."

Chiaro di Luna, Jovanotti


5 key moments

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Enrica Quaglio


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